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Is your Wifi Breathing? (Well it should be)

Most wifi routers do not have fans....

And many of them are kept in the Lounge which is not airconditioned 24 hours a day.

If you look under your wifi router, you may be able to see air holes for air to go in and air vents on the top or sides for hot air to come out. I call this breathing... But now with TIME fast internet, it is becoming more important to give your wifi router ACTIVE ventilation by putting it on a laptop cooler pad. ANY cooler pad is better than nothing. Free ones, rm20 ones from random computer shops are good too. Plug in the usb cable to a usb port or usb extension and your router will BREATHE much better resulting in faster WiFi and a longer useful service life.

I did not do this. My router died. I replaced it with a fancy looking one from Gurney plaza for just under rm500. Totolink A7000r AC2600 speed... Good for penetration and long range.


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