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Seaqueen Dimsum Review

Updated: May 29, 2019

There is a new Dim Sum Restaurant in Penang! Yes, Penang is already famous for its Dim sum, but this place is different. This place is FRESH: It just opened. The official opening of Sea Queen was last Sunday (24th March 2019)

I have been to restaurants with an area where we pick metal steaming serving containers and load them on to trays and the cashier tallies them up on a piece of card board. There are places where you are seated and the waitress push carts around and these carts have a built in steamer too.

While those two styles are okay, they both have one thing in common : the food isn't freshly made. The food is made hours before you arrive and put in those steamers. Or perhaps the food is taken from the freezer and loaded, piled high on the steamers or carts.

Let’s bring our attention back to Sea Queen. Straights Quay is known to be an AtasAtas area of Penang. High society and upmarket people go there to have lifestyle experiences. Sea Queen is at straights quay and that speaks volumes about the style and standards you are to expect from the restaurant. The venue is even chosen for wedding activities and company dinners too.

SeaQueen makes the DimSum fresh when you order it. None of that frozen or “whole day sit on the steamer “ nonsense. Freshly made DimSum has a texture that almost cannot be described in words. The Crispy parts are actually crispy. Soft bits are soft without being soggy. And most importantly of all for me, the seafood ingredients don’t have that “fishy smell”. The taste will bring you to a MouthGasam. One of many.

Siew Mai I feel is the staple of DimSum. All places that call themselves DimSum places will have this. That does not in any way mean this it is “common” and ‘not trendy ‘. I love Siew Mai. And I have seen many places do it wrong.

I ordered Siew Mai at Sea Queen and when it arrived at my table, I just stared at it.

It was beautiful! And it smelled divine.

My mind was already making up unrealistic expectations judging on the looks, smell and the location of the restaurant. With chopsticks, I picked it up and was faced with an important decision... do I try to bite it in half, or do I eat it in one piece? I went for the whole piece, and without mayonnaise or chili sauce because I wanted to taste the original taste first.

It surpassed my expectations.

Sea Queen has the best siew Mai I have ever tasted. The freshness is there. I don’t just mean that the ingredients are tasty and not smelly, I mean that the texture is there too. The Siew Mai skin, is how it is supposed to be: Not to stretchy, yet not too rubbery. The fish roe on top adds colour without overpowering the taste. And the meat is meaty without being too hard or mushy. Normally I order one portion and feel a little “Gee lat” and struggle to finish the third piece. But at sea queen I ordered two servings, that’s six pieces and I still wanted more of the taste but I stopped myself because I had ordered other dishes to try too.

Next up was Cheeong Fan:

Each piece had a little fresh prawn inside. The sauces gave it a balanced taste without ingredients overpowering each other. Normally I just eat it to be polite, but this place made a really tasty one.

This is another “Must order” dish when you go to any Dim sum place. They have three varieties too.

Char Siew Pau.

Three small paus per serving. Don’t let their diminutive size make you underestimate them. They are just as tasty as the big ones. In fact, I think the char siew pau here are absolutely Fantastic!

Next up is the Moi or “Chup”. It s really good. Normally when I have porridge, I tend to pick out the ingredients that I don’t like. Nothing to pick out here. Everything is really tasty and balanced. When it comes, you use your spoon and mix it all up. Its like the Goldilocks porridge. Not too diluted and not too thick, Just right

Dim Sum is very filling. The servings are rarely more than three or four pieces, but they are filling too. Come with friends so you can order more. And since they come in three or four pieces, it makes it easier to share.

Or go by yourself so you won’t feel obliged to share. And you can order a few servings of only your favorite dish. Haha.

I would recommend ordering three things per person. Then when the food comes, to order more. The waitresses won’t mind if you politely ask them to your table to order more food.

Im not really able to tell you which food item from the first photo corresponds to what item on the menu. Just know that everything is really tasty and yummy here. All expectations will be met and surpassed. If your last Dim sum happened to be from a cart or a steamer section then prepare to have your taste buds explode with all the yummy goodness and it will leave you floating on a full and satisfied cloud.

Look at the menu and the pictures and pick what you feel like having on that day. All choices are good choices at Sea Queen.

Starting time is 7:30am until 10:30pm closing.

Written by Jacques Rerolle Creative director and Senior photographer at LuJiaChenPhotography our post topics one by one.

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