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Coworking space with a Seaview!! (in Penang)

There is a new Co-Working Shared Space in town! What is a Coworking Space?

The concept is essentially that we pay an amount every month and get a place to call our Office: our Base of Operations, Working area, Bat Cave and Creative Zone.

Depending on the subscription plan, we either get a shared desk, a dedicated desk or dedicated Private room. There are meeting rooms for meeting clients , there are conference rooms for brainstorming and conferencing, and there is a seminar hall for seminars. Added services including a mailing address, printing and blazing speed Fibre optic wifi from Time.

But I work from home, why would I even want all of this?

Home is where the heart is. Home is where the wifi is. But home is also where parents, pets, children and distractions are. If you have an office job then this concept may have little appeal to you. But if you are a Freelancer or a Content Creator , for social media such as youtube, then this is right up your alley.

There is something about the freedom I get from working from home. I can sit at my computer in my underwear.

But there is only so far sitting in my boxers at my computer can take me creatively. Occasionally I need to wear my office clothes and my going out gear and work away from my comfort zone.

While I do enjoy working at cafes, there are still issues depending on which cafe I go to: cell phone signal may not be strong enough for personal hotspot, wifi is often slow and when the place is crowded I just feel like I want go home.

Not to mention the need to keep buying coffees to be able to stay there, which leads to the next problem which is having to pack up my laptop and gear just for a quick visit to the toilet.

Penang has a few coworking spaces with similar services, but this one has a Seaview (and fibre wifi internet)! In fact, The Venture is on Level 2 and the beach is just outside below. I can look out of the huge glass windows while enjoying the aircon, or I can go out and have a cigarette vape whatever on the actual sand and beach. That would get the creative juices flowing.

Also, on the ground floor, there's a convenience store for... my convenience on the ground floor. And best of all, its BRAND NEW!

We are in 2019, the year of the content creator.

Things are changing. Freelancers are preferred over larger chain companies.

Social media is crucial and content creators are the new kings! And kings chill out in this Seaview palace of shared spaces.

I can think of no better place to do “My thing” and create content, and it is an awesome place to meet potential clients.

I was invited to check it out last week and they have only just finished renovations. Its brand spanking new. And we all know that Penang people absolutely love new places. The tables are all clean and scratch free, the aircon and aircon filters are new and the whole place looks and smells awesome! Try it out for a couple of days or sign up minimum 3 months contact. Definitely money well spent.

Look at this door slider. Clearly the boss did not cut any corners when choosing the fixtures and fittings.

The lavish room is a shared meeting room that everyone gets two free hours per month. Nice rite?

Then we have the Supreme Room~

Ooo Fancy, this is also a shared room, but two of the walls are made of glass and has seaview and sunlight.

We can see right into the Supreme Room here. So stylish. There is a fridge and Coffeemaker too. Free unlimited coffee~

R32 high efficiency and environmentally friendly coolant in the inverter airconditioning system.

There are seven private rooms which may be accessed 24 hours a day Every day for those on the private office plan.

Some of the private offices have two spaces, some of them have three. Well lit,and nicely cooled.

The beautiful seaview.

This is a shared room available for booking. Conferences etc happen here, as do meetings with big clients.

Big table, bright future.

For those who host functions or talks and seminars. Aircon and a fully functional PA sound system is available. There is a storeroom at the back for temporary storage of equipment and miscellaneous during the seminar.

There is an ongoing promotion for complimentary event space (free) for first time events.

Also, for students, there is a "Rm15 Student pass daily rate".

I think this place is awesome! Do make an appointment or drop by for a visit. For people who live at Permai 32, Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi this place will be literally "on the way" to and from your home. Prices and packages information is all available on the website, but for more up to date information and perhaps customized services, please book an appointment.

Lot 508-2-1, Tanjung Point,

Jalan Tanjung Tokong,

10470 Tanjung Tokong,



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